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Which are the on page activities in seo that must to do?
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on page consisit of

1)add title tag,description tag,keyword tag.
2)adding image tag
are parts which come under on-page optimisation.
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These are some of the most important on-site optimization factors:

Optimize meta tag title and description with out keywords
Use H tags like H1, H2 and H3 through-out the web-page
Increase website load time
Fix W3C errors
Post original and quality content make sure the content is optimized for SEO with keywords you are targeting or want to rank high for. Keep in mind keyword density and proximity.
Use internal links
Keep in mind "above fold content" add plenty of keywords there
Avoid redirects
Avoid outgoing dofollow backlinks
Use SEO-Friendly URL
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The best on-page techniques in seo ,are
>Meta tags and tittle tags
>head tags and alt tags
>url and image optimization
>keyword research
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Don't forget to make use of image ALT tag whenever you have an image on the page to get traffic from Google images!
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There are many things we need to consider in on-page... A website with 80% on-page and 20% off-page produce greater results in organic SEO campaigns.

1. Content optimization
1. Keyword Frequency
2. Usage of LSI and Long tail phrases
3. Keyword consistency and Keyword placements and more
2. Header Tags optimization
3. Meta Tags
4. Website Speed
5. Internal Links - Internal anchors
6. Outbound Links
7. Efficiency use of robots file and XML sitemap
8. Rss Feeds
9. Image optimization - Size, Tags, Captions, Above the fold..and more
10. Pagination and Breadcrumbs and more are described above!
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@KevinMax +1 man you just nailed it buddy with your reply Smile I can tell you that if you fail to properly do on-site optimization it won't matter how good your off-page if you will struggle with rankings and SEO!
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Have you tried working on social media campaign? SMO can be an effective way in driving loyal audience to your website.
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content,metatag,title tag,interlinking
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On-page SEO activities are-
Update XML site map and HTML sitemaps.
Create robots.txt.
Write relevant Meta tags (Title and Description only) for each page.
Use keywords should be in title.
Write Header tags H1, h2, h3 primarily.
Update ALT tags to all images.
Give internal linking to relevant long tail keywords.
Create blog snippet on home page footer.
Put copyrights note in footer.
Use schema code for all images and videos.
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ON page activities is one of the most important thing we should consider. Initially start up with title, description, keywords, url structure, image alt tags, canonical tags, sitemap, robots.txt, anchor text, header tags etc.
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What is On-Page Optimization in SEO
In On-Page Seo we work on directly on the web site and the changes done on website we can see instantly on web. Following are some different On-page activities we do betterment of site to get the maximum traffic and benefits from search engines and visitors.
On-Page SEO Activities
1) Write unique keyword rich Title Tag
2) Meta Description
3) Meta Keywords
4) Easy URL Structure for with keyword
5) Search Engine Friendly Website Design
6) Bredcrumb Navigation
7) Keyword Research
8 ) H1,H2,H3,H4 Tags ( include your main keywords)
9) Effective use of robots txt file
10) XML & HTML Sitemap
11) Alt Tags for images
12) Internal Linking of web pages
13) Choose best file names with your keywords
14) Use of No-follow links
15) Your Mobile site version
16) Keep your code as simple as you can
17) Keyword Density
18) Remove Canonical Problem ( if it is exists)
19) Google Video Sitemap creation
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On-page SEO activities are
1) Meta Description
2) Meta Keywords
3) Keyword Density
4) Alt Tags for images
5) Keyword Research
6) Outbound Links
7) Speed and authorship
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Google seems to encourage webmasters to use rich snippets and structured data according to the increases traffic!
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Robots.txt is also a part of On page SEO.
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you should do-

Meta tags and tittle tags
head tags and alt tags
url and image optimization
keyword research
Alt Tags for images
XML & HTML Sitemap
add robots txt file
Keyword Density
Use of No-follow links
H1,H2,H3,H4 Tags
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Meta description, meta data, meta tag and interlinking are some of the important things in on page optimization.
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On page Optimization means the process of preparing website pages search engine friendly. Nowadays, search engines are grooved with all sorts of information. The style of content display on a website reflects its quality. It is very possible that many voids are left unnoticed at the time of website creation. When professional SEO experts take over the job for promotion, they bring to notice many aspects like Meta tag description, header and tile etc. As all the activities under On-page Optimization are done on website to remain for longer period, so it is must to make these correction under perfect planning and up to date knowledge of updates from various search engines.
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On-page techniques are those techniques which are done on the Webpages of particular websites. Some On-page optimization techniques are Meta tags, HTML tags, URL Structure and Title tags, Alt Image optimization, Link building, Content writing, Keyword Density, XML map, and etc.
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Thanks for sharing info

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