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On-page optimization or off-page one?

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Should I spend more time on optimizing my website like content fixing WC3 errors or I should forget that and sped my entire time on getting backlinks and traffic?
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Both On-page and Off-page SEO have equal importance to get attractive website and rankling on search engine. On-page optimization enhance user experience on your website, which beneficial to reduce bounce rate factor and increase popularity of your website. Off-page optimization is needful to create quality back-link, because if your website haven't quality back-link than it's not possible to get higher rank on search engine.
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Agree you have to dedicate equal amount of time to each on-page and off-page optimization. For new websites I would suggest to start on building reputation and good user experience.
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On-page optimization or off-page optimization both are important in seo.
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Off-page SEO is defined as when work on other websites to get back-link. Some Off-page activities are: - Link-building, Social bookmarking, Article creation, Blog commenting, Forum commenting.
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Without on page SEO, off page SEO is pretty much pointless.
If the site is heavy and slow to load, poor linking structure and site architecture or thin on content or has missing page titles and default URLS.
Your not going to get very far from a popularity point of view within the search engines and more importantly users.

You need to make on page SEO your starting block.
That includes keyword research, which is the most vital aspect of any successful website.
If you over look this and carry on regardless, with no real time or thought into creating unique and quality content, you'll find little to no rankings or traffic.

While on the topic of keyword research,
if you don't target the right keywords for your site you will find the traffic you receive is exactly that just traffic.
The whole point of a website is to show case your products and services and turn visitors into customers.

Targeting the wrong keywords will never attract traffic that will convert.
Spending no time with on page SEO, similarly will frustrate your visitors, even if you do have great content and the right keywords.

First and foremost think of user experience,
by meeting all on page aspects with that in mind, you will also fair well within the search engines.

Here's a few (free) tools that will show you the performance of your site,
only when you have completed all on page aspects, making keyword research and unique,
high value content your priority should you think about any off page SEO.

Keyword Research

Ubber Suggest (Free) use this to get your keyword ideas

Google Keyword Planner Tool TOOL- (Free) use this to gain insight into how competitive the keywords are

On Page Site Performance

Google Page Speed In Sights - this is a great tool for showing on page speed improvements you need to make in order to improve the load time of your site.

WooRank - another great tool for showing the performance of your site and other on page aspects your site needs to meet in order to fair well within the search results.

Good Luck.
Hopefully you take your time to conduct on page SEO,
or sadly your time with off page SEO will be wasted, and will the sites chances of success.
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Great post! @LizzieThomson Smile Also this; Best on-site practices in launching a site! +1 for sure baby!

White-Hat - Concentrate and give 85% importance to on-site & 15% to off-site for better organic results.
20% to off-site & 80% to on-site - You may get penalised by Google (Panda update - GreyHat SEO)
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Off page Optimization are the Good way increasing the Keyword ranking of website. Forum posting, Blog Submission, Images Sharing, Yahoo answering etc.
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I think both are important for SEO.

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