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One Page Design

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More business are choosing to limit the number of pages to just one for websites. These websites makes use of light boxes, overlays, and tiles that can be easily repositioned and expanded for various content on their websites.
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One page design is very SEO friendly as the majority of online users doesn't like pagination pages. However it all depends on the amount of content the page will contain. Page containing too much content will get increase in load time which is an important factor in SEO. You should make use of one-page design only with limited content. Pagination when done correctly will reduce load time but the problem is it's not very user-friendly.

There are occasions that one page site is just unpractical like when running a discussion forum or a blog with comments.
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There is no way you can face-off your competitors with such web-site. The website in many cases has to be build for search engine to show it's power and reputations it has to have thousands of pages indexed has to have high authority.

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