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Optimizing multiple pages of the same website for the same keywords

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Can I optimize multiple pages of the same website for the same keywords? Will it affect my website ranking on search engine?
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There is nothing wrong with that it's called website niche and it means that pretty much every content on the site is targeting one or multiple keywords.

If your niche is "SEO" and "Internet Marketing" you should not deviate from these keywords too much every new content should be optimized for them.

This greatly improves "search engine optimization" the site gets increase in search engine authority and rankings for the keywords related to your web-site niche.
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Most of the time it's cannibalistic to try and rank multiple pages for the same terms. It's always best to map a particular keyword to its own individual page, and then make sure that the content on that page appropriately addresses the theme of the keyword being targeted. Smile
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Optimizing multiple pages for the same keyword can be detrimental. This can lead to "keyword cannibalisation", where pages are forced to compete with each other for the same query. This can result in lower overall rankings. Ideally each page should be optimized for a different keyword.

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