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PageRank Checker SEO?

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I can't recall where I read this article but it was about the fact that Google doesn't really allow anyone to use PageRank checking tool, it looks like this information belongs to Google and the folks from Google don't really want people to access it, the article was explain that if you get caught heaving a tool that checks PR there can be some serious issues ahead, now my question is if I am using PageRank checker to check my website PR will this have a negative impact on my site or it's not the same using it as heaving it?
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Well it's only partly true, I think that what you are referring is Google Data Illegal Access! Google is not restricting anyone from checking pagerank (PR) but it has to be done correctly some folks are not following these rules so they can and probably will get into trouble pretty soon. To check PR use only well known sources or tools!

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