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Paid directories vs standards ones SEO?

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In terms of seo which one is better paid directories or free ones?
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Any directory which is high in authority is better choice (post in the relevant category) - Google doesn't looks and gives the importance to paid ones nor freeSmile

1. Free directories usually takes 2 days to 6 months for getting approval. So if you're in need of instant results, going paid is a suitable choice.
2. Most of the High PR/High authority directories doesn't approve all the free submissions.
3. Free directory submission doesn't gives any guarantee that the website owner keeps us for long time.
4. Priority is pretty good in the featured listings. Free submissions are always down and down.

Directory submissions are good for SEO? That may be our next question 001_tongue Many webmasters suggests it's not good for search engine optimization success, but up to me it is much better when you done on 3+ PR websites.
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Any link from high PR, authority and ranking site is great PageRank and rankings booster doesn't matter directory or not but what matters is relevancy!
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Most important thing to rank higher on search engine is that your website should have more backlink from high PR and relevant website. So it doesn't matter that you are getting backlink either free or paid. Just pay attention on quality link-building by following webmaster guidelines.

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