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Paid vs Free Ebooks?

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Should we go for eBooks that are free to download or it's better to spend money and buy one? Is there any difference?
antony Offline referral

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Who needs to pay for something when you can get it online for free. Internet is the land of free downloads Smile
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Paid material is not free for a reason. And the reason is the author has spend money on the research writing this eBook. In many cases the content quality gonna be superior over the free version cause usually better quality stuff costs money you know. But it doesn't mean free book is a trash it all comes down to the author.
gaurav Offline referral

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Free means no money and no money is the hurree and this isnot only for ebook this is the truth for each thing. The free things is very good and every one want to get it...

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