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Panda 4.0 Update from Google?

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Not another update! Google has just released Panda 4.0 Update and I am wondering if someone can explain what makes it different from other updates and what it supposed to improve or penalize?
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It looks like Google Panda 4.0 update is pretty aggressive one. Most well known brand have received s huge blow and lost an incredible amount of organic traffic:

Big brands that had been hit hard by Panda 4.0 and lost that much traffic:

ask.com – 50%
ebay.com – 33%
biography.com – 33%
retailmenot.com – 33%
starpulse.com – 50%
history.com – 33%
isitdownrightnow.com – 50%
aceshowbiz.com – 75%
examiner.com – 50%
yellowpages.com – 20%
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All these Google zoo updates really messing our SEO and rankings. I have also noticed some chnages in the Google rankings.

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