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Photoshop compress images?

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How to compress images for the website using Photoshop?
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Create your image or edit it in Photoshop then go to File>>Save for Web & Devices there play with the settings to achieve the desire file size and type!
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Photoshop is not good for compressing images!
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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P.S. Make no mistake Photoshop is a great software but I don't know why after saving the image file for some reason is bigger than what the Photoshop was showing upon saving it.
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If you still believe Photoshop is the best image compression software then take a look at these image file compression tools.

AdvanceCOMP 1.15
Caesium 1.4.1
FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0
FileOptimizer 2.10.135
ImageOptim 1.4.0
JPEGmini Lite 1.4.1
jStrip 3.3
OptiPNG 0.7.3
PNGOptimizer 2.2
PNGOUTWin 1.5.0
RIOT 0.4.6
Trout's GIF Optimizer 2.3
Ophelia Offline referral

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Photoshop is the best from the list
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Save image as JPEG
Compress image between 70-80%
Click on save button
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Photoshop doesn't do really good job compressing images. I have to use third party software to do that.
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Pack and Save Image:

1. Spare your record as a JPEG.
2. Pack the document in the vicinity of 60% and 80%. Utilize the photograph see on the left do decide the level of pressure. The higher the rate the better the nature of the photograph.
3. Snap Save.

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