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Hello guys please review Blackhat seo forum edollarearn[dot]com
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Welcome to letsforum.

These are the factors that affect SEO:

1.Get at least 6 Passed Rules on Google insights.
2. You've got 114 errors in your website source code try to fix as much as you can.
3. Get rid of advertising (if you don't really need it) as the latest Panda update penalizes sites that have too many ads.
4. "Member Introductions" forum is just purely low quality content at this stage I would not really advice to have such content.
5. Your domain name is not even close to be relevant to your website niche. Heaving keywords in the domain name helps getting rankings.
6. I would suggest you to narrow your website niche and marge some of your forums.
7. Add a few extra keywords to your website title it's pretty short. The limit is 65 characters including spaces.

The rest looks pretty good. You've get decent amount of traffic and you have Google PR-2. What you need is to add more quality content.
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Back-Links Overview

Edollarearn.com has little strong back-link database.

Some of the issues:
Most of your back-links anchors are "Webmaster forum"-17% "Blackhat forum"-17% "blackhat seo tricks"-15%. Compare to this your raw url anchor has "edollarearn.com-4%"
You missed to brand your website. Using of Raw URL anchors or domain name anchors.

Anchors Cloud:

Please Review Blackhat SEO Forum

Edollarearn is not a brand website now! So my adivce is to concentrate on the back-links anchors.
Your first and next step is to build the back-links for brand your domain rather than targeting your marketing niche anchors. Your targeted keywords will get automatically ranked when you brand your site.

I can see a major back-links drops on Jun-July. It is advised to avoid losing the backlinks. Loss in the incoming links will tend to loss in the traffic & rankings.

New & Lost backlinks - Approx Values
Please Review Blackhat SEO Forum

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