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Practices for Site Security

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Solutions for website security

Use secure hosting
Scanner for a site to check infections
webmaster tools to find critical issues
Extensions should be up-to-date
Back up site when changes made
Make very strong password to prevent hacking
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You can spend money and time on SEO but it can all go to kingdom kong if you fail properly secure your hosting account with a complex password. In case your website has an admin control panel you should make sure only you have the access to that directory. The best is to restrict the access to directory with .htaccess set IP blocker so that only allowed IPs will have access to the directory then the page it's self has to have a login form with a username and password.

Backing you sever and your SQL database is another must do thing as you never know what might happen.
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Security is very important in online marketing. Sites that have member or customer log-in are vulnerable to attack from hackers. Most of powerful companies, firms banks you name it that have a website hire professional hackers to attack their own site firewall and security protections to expose weakness. In many cases being a hacked pays-off big time.

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