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Press Releases and SEO?

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Is Press Releases still an effective technique to improve seo and increase rankings of the website?
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Most press release sites require a good quality content from the publisher!!!! Now the content you post there you is the content you are not posting on your site! And since that a high quality content you are improving the other site when you could be improving yours!

Waist of time and effort!
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Press Releases:
Press release is the process of writing about company events.
your company can get more brand awareness and links by submitting links in social media sites.

>SEO is used to increase the traffic to your site.
>It makes website search engine friendly
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Press release is still an effective SEO technique as Optimized press releases can show up high in search engines when ANYONE (not just media) searches on Google, Yahoo! etc.
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Press releases probably have little SEO value on their face to support your website’s content. Behind the scenes, however, writers still subscribe to press releases. Midsize and small publications still use press releases to auto-populate sites. Think of press releases as reverse targeting, where potentially influential users request feeds by category, keyword, and topic, etc.
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Press release is the still effective technique for seo or rank your keywords .It is the best way to get natural links from multiple outside sources.
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Instead of free press release submission, I would like to suggest you to go for paid press release submission. These sites are high PR, domain authority sites. You will get quality backlink as well as traffic from such sites.
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Well I guess press release still works, especially when there's a big event and you want your target audience to know about it. Is just that the right right-up should be on good quality.
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These days press releases are branding, validation, and credibility tools for companies, not SEO tools. Quite simply it means PR firms are shifting the focus of how they utilize press releases for their clients.
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- rather then no cost website article submitting, I would like to be able to advocate one to choose paid out website article submitting. These kinds of sites are usually substantial PUBLIC RELATIONS, domain expert sites. You'll receive excellent backlink along with site visitors coming from this kind of sites.
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(11-07-2015 12:14 PM)sajidisraq Wrote:  Press releases probably have little SEO value on their face to support your website’s content. Behind the scenes, however, writers still s...
I am agree with your answer to sajidisraq
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Nice Question And Please share More Information about this topic..!!
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Press release & seo both are good but both are used for another purpose press release is used to target customers & SEO is use for boosting rank in search engine.
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Most of the press release sites provide nofollow links so it hardly effects on SEO for a website.

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