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Problem with Stop words in my domain!

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sajednt Offline referral

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hi , good day

the name of our website is A-to-Athat unfortunately all of the words in my domain are consistent of stop words.

I want to know, if we omit dash (-) which are between the words, and write it like "AtoA" , do search engines recognize it as stop words again ?!
Victor Dub Offline referral

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I don't think so case in this case it becomes a term!
damponting44 Offline referral

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Simple logic really.

Think as a search engine for a moment. When you receive a search for "carpenter Detroit" and another for "carpenter in Detroit" do you bring out the same results?

Same logic applies to domain names. As long as it doesn't make them sound iffy or make them unnecessarily long, should not have a significant matter.

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