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Hello guys,

I open this thread today for those who are interested to have their business listed on a nice publication in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huff, Cnn Video Interview, Usa Video Interview and many other top ones.

Some publication accept the root domain in the article others don't like Inc and Entrepreneur. They are very strict in that, so there will be some what I can and cant do from the start.

1. If the site is about gambling or adult niche we wont accept it.
2. Payment can be done after for premium members and content can be reviewed before, and you can get a custom content in each publication.
3. For new members, we cant do the publication without full payment, that's our rule.
4. Payment is being done by Paypal.
5. TAT: Forbes, Inc, takes 1-10 days. Entrepreneur 2-4 weeks. The others around 10-15 working days. For the rest will be sent by PM along with the rest of sites.
6. Refund Policy: There is no refund once the publication is up.
7. PM for the full list, samples and prices.

If you think we missed something please let us know.

Looking forward for your orders!

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