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Ranking in Google not in other search engine’s

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My keyword is ranked in Google , not rank in yahoo and Bing. Why?

It's Yahoo & Bing both ranking results are same????
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Google SEO is a bit different from that of Bing and Yahoo. Also Google is much faster calculation all the data which means search engine optimization takes less time to take affect in comparing to Bing or Yahoo.
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Everything you learn out there is directed towards improving Google SEO and since Bing and Yahoo use a bit different one then that is the reason you are not doing as good on them as on Google. Don't wary if you manage to get high rankings on Google the rest search engine will follow.
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@Marcus & @Maya were absolutely right! Google uses different SEO mechanism compare to Bing & Yahoo!

(07-23-2014 09:04 AM)boopika Wrote:  It's Yahoo & Bing both ranking results are same????

The ranking results of Yahoo & Bing were same (When at the time of their hand-shakes - Maybe before a year - During their Bing + Yahoo: Merging time). Now the ranking results of Bing & Yahoo were different!

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