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Regarding insert URL on Footer link

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kpkarthik Offline referral

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Placing our website URL on footer link of our client's website would help to improve our keyword ranking or not?
maya Offline referral

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If the link is dofollow and your site has better rankings and PR then yes. BUT here is the catch. Google gives less weight to content below the fold. I recommend you to put the link above the fold for max SEO effect.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Link in the footer is given less wight than the same link in the header.
victor Offline referral

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Link in the footer in perfectly fine as long as you only have one and not whole bunch of them.
KevinMax Offline referral

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SEO Footer links - An older technique. Of course it still works when it is relevant.
Footer links are intended for users to navigate the websites easily. Linking other websites or when other websites links you can create hundreds, thousands or sometimes millions of links for the same anchor text.

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Website has high pagerank and the link is dofollow then why not.
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Bad idea for a new website: one of my site has 66,000 pages - creates 66,000 Do-Follow back-links - (i.e) 1 domain is referring 66,000 pages. It is not advisable to link a fresh website like the case above.

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