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Relevant or high PR (PageRank) backlinks which is better for SEO?

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yava Offline referral

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If I am prevented with a choice to get backlinks which one from seo point of view has potential to increase web-site rankings and PR?

Relevant to my niche or keywords backlink or the one that comes from non-relevant site but it has high PageRank?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
I would say it's better to have a link for relevant to your website niche/keywords site! Why cause some backlinks can actually have a negative effect on the SEO depending on their origin!
alpa786 Offline referral

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I think you are high page ranks site for submission use long tail keyword use very best increase ranking.
fpforum Offline referral

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I think you're better of getting links from websites that are relevant and have no PR. Pagerank is a thing of the past and there are other metrics you should be looking at. Does the domain have DA/PA/MozRank/TrustFlow..etc? If it has these metrics then you'll get juice from it and PR doesn't matter!
Siddhartha Offline referral

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Relevant sites are always better. Even they are with low PR, can be treated as the most accurate submission from SEO point of view.
anfomedpoonam Offline referral

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Yes if you use to relevant site then you can get better result.
sheenagoyal13 Offline referral

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Relevant site are useful not high PR. now a days PR doesn't matter.
edwardmorton Offline referral

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Relevant as well as high page rank both are important for good SEO.
sofyjohnson18 Offline referral

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Always get backlink from relevant sites so, never go for non-relevant website because they will create a negative impact on your site.
evathomsan Offline referral

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You need to submit on relevant website for back link creation.
KevinMax Offline referral

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Relevant backlinks are better than High PR for long term results.
But PR 9,8,7 backlinks increase the website keyword rankings very quick

My choice is to go for relevant links - it would be more good if you got high pr relevant links.

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