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Removing Adsense Ads?

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My website makes no money with Adsense but it's ranking pretty high on Google so to increase speed I have decided to get rid of Adsense ads however before I do that I would like to know if this will have a negative affect on my seo because it seems as Google likes website that are monetized with Adsense?
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Go ahead and remove them nothing will happen in fact as you said you will gain load speed which is beneficial for SEO.
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Google loves websites which have Google Adsense, because to be accepted in Google adsense we need to meet some criteria (i.e Some SEO friendly facts).

Why your website doesn't earn anything even you ranked on high search results. If So what is your bounce rate? Make user to click the ads then deleting the Google Ads? Most of the starters struggling to get even approved from the Google Adsense.

And sure deleting the ads doesn't create any negative impacts.
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Kevin is right do you know how many people are wishing and waiting to get their AdSense account approved? Optimize your website build it around the advertising after all this is how you plan to make money.

By removing it you are not hurting your search engine optimization Wink
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Thanks guys I will keep it if it helps SEO. Have to follow your advice and blend then better with the content.

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