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Role of Advertising in Business Development & Promotion

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The need of Advertising starts when you come to know the needs and wants of consumers. You should also be aware of the competitors in the market and their advertising strategies.

Different types of advertising methods can be listed as Print, Guerrilla, Broadcast, Outdoor, Public Service, Product Placement, Mobile and Online Advertising (aka Digital) etc. Advertising can be done through advertisements.

It will influence the business in different ways. Advertising time, space, duration and its content plays major role in the promotion of a business. Advertising is a best choice to earn maximum profits for a long time on a product or service within short interval of time after its launch in the open market.
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Thanks buddy for sharing your thoughts!

Many trying to start a business for some reason seem to miss completely the importance of the marketing. Any time you have something to sell you need to advertise it to spread out the word about it. Marketing is the key to business success not juts new ones but for every singe one!

You need to bring the traffic and to realize that only a small percentage of that traffic will convert into customers and sales. When working on a marketing-ads budget you have to take into account such factor.

Every famous brand, firm and company invest literally millions into online and offline marketing campaigns.

You don't have to spend a ton of money juts start slowly and as your earnings increase invest a bit more and so on!
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Very informative post. Thank you so much for sharing it.
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I think transparency of any business is one of the vital factor for any success in any business.
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Thank you for the information, we all know how important marketing is to reach our target market.
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With the growing use of social media as a free way for brands to communicate with consumers, out of home advertising can be a strategic media choice and a useful part of a media campaign.

Out of home advertising provides a constant existence for a brand. This is especially important because it is a way to stay linked with consumers when they are on the move and are not or should not be online. These consumers are in a various frame of mind when they are away from their home or office and near the point of sale. Consumers are making purchasing decisions when they are on the go, and out of home keeps a brand top of mind.

Out of home advertising has the ability to reach a broad audience, but can also be hyperlocal – letting customers know about businesses in close proximity to an out of home display or products sold in the area. Increasingly, the medium can and will be used as a immediate response mechanism, with unique content delivered directly to consumers.

This primer outlines the basics of the social media landscape, how out of home advertising fits into an entertaining campaign, ways to incorporate social media into creative executions, and more.
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Advertising Plays an important role in business promotion whether you are running an online or offline business.
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Online Advertising help to attract new customers, leads for your business promotion.

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