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SEO 2015?

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Does anybody have some intel on the 2015 seo related to rankings, PR and Google updates Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird or maybe they will release the new one?
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Since Google is not publicly sharing info on its algorithm updates neither about development of new ones we don't really know much about that!

There is no doubt that in 2015 SEO will get even tougher as more and more businesses are now doing they business online which increase the competitions for rankings which in-turn create a perfect ground for new black hat SEO tricks!
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Yes...i too hope like that..
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You are search in Google on all seo updated available in 2015.
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I think no any new update of 2015 for penguin and panda. I don't have any information, if you want to get information about panda and penguin update, then you can search on google.
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No one knows when will be the next update. What we can do is to stay on search engines rules and regulations.
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How I wish someone knows when and what will be the update.. unfortunately, no one. So, the best thing to is follow the rules and everything should be fine.
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SEO will get more tougher in 2015. It will mainly focus on spammers. Algorithm fro spam policy will goes on changing on regular basis.

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