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What is the secret behind " seo CHAT" success. It's a relatively young website in comprising with other seo discussion forums however somehow it's managed to be almost #1 seo forum and to rank high for most of the top seo keywords I mean what is the secret how did they do it?
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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SEO Chat is a website that has THE thing many webmasters just don't really focus on, the thing I am talking about here is Content!!!!! Content is THE secret formula you are talking about.
chod Offline referral

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I would say one of them not the only secret
maya Offline referral

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This site had been around for years and had plenty of time to gain ranking and reputation!
letsplay Offline referral

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I personally don't really like that site it's slow and has lots of broken code also the layout of the site is just so annoyingly complicated (personal opinion) Smile
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SEO Chat allow everyone to register and post replies not threads but then in order to edit your profile or access your control panel you need to verify your account and here is the problem activation emails never arrive gonna be a bug or something!
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SEO Chat is a great SEO Forum maybe at the time you registered it was experiencing some technical issues, it totally normal thing, if you come across a bug you should report it to the webmaster so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.

As for the secret to SEO Chat success there is no any secret only facts. Any website or a forum can rank high in the search engine and be among top SEO forums all you need is a bit of time and good content Smile
hubbssalex Offline referral

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How much time are we talking? Losing patience!!!
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(06-29-2014 11:29 PM)hubbssalex Wrote:  How much time are we talking? Losing patience!!!

SEO is not something that will happen overnight. If you are not patient you are more likely to mess it up. It takes minimum a few months to start seeing some effects assuming that you did correct search engine optimization.
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I am not telling the secrets, its just my experience. The same I was just a contributor over there for sometimes!

More SEO professionals are attached with SEO chat like @marcus_avrelius & @Chod..@Maya...etc, They are responding to the maximum of what they can.
The contributor's are contributing all the time : Just take a look forums(.)seochat(.)com/search-engine-optimization-28/how-use-forums-search-engine-optimization-411594.html
The other thing I faced is language: Every response/replies seems like written by an English speaker. (Quality, Well written briefly explained text/content).

And I totally agree with @Marcus & @Maya Comment.

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