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SEO Discussion - Working Methods (2017)

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Hi all,

I am creating this thread to discuss all the working methods of search engine optimization in 2017.

As we all know, there are a lot of off page and on page search engine optimization techniques but Google keeps updating its algorithms and that is why many techniques were rolled out and are not working anymore.

Everyone is requested to share the methods that are still working for them and giving them rankings. Specially focusing the off page and backlinking strategies.

I will start with myself.

Does Social Bookmarking Backlinking Still Boost Rankings?
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Quote:Does Social Bookmarking Backlinking Still Boost Rankings?

I don't believe they still as powerful as they were but it's still considered as a signal!

The technique that seems to work very well is Tier ain't easy though.

If I were Google I would penalize any site that in a very short period of time obtained a ton of backlinks!

I know they do penalize for that but it seems they go easy on the site I would be much harder!
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Sharing original and informative content is important whether through blog, press release, article, guest posting or VIA your own site, social bookmarking help in improving its visibility, so i think there is no harm in doing social bookmark, but you must check before submitting your site

I do bookmarking only on 10-12 sites!!
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Try to increase the visitors to your website and grab their attention for longer than few minutes. That will make your website "good" in the eye of search engine. And how exactly you are going to do so? Simply, by providing useful content.
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On-page matters a lot so just focus on making the On-page SEO strong and get the backlinks from the high domain authority websites to boost the rankings. You can go for Forum Posting, Blog Comments, Web2.0 Submission and Directory Submission.
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The key SEO tactics that still work in 2017 are:
1. Targeting high traffic, low competition keywords that are relevant to your site visitors
2. Producing useful keyword-rich content that is natural and non-spammy
3. Getting links from high quality relevant sites. Here quality is more important than quantity.
4. Adding internal links to your page from other relevant pages on your website. The focus has shifted a bit from off-page activities to on-site seo.

It's more about relevance - relevant keywords, relevant content, backlinks from relevant websites
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Yes, High PA, DA social bookmarking site like StumbleUpon, Digg are really help in ranking & traffic.

Google this topic

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