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OK I have a serious question here! Lets just say I need to learn seo and I have two choices seo Articles or seo forums which one is the best and will help me to learn more about search engine optimization. I need to know the new stuff that works right now and not the one that had been working a few years ago?
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I would use SEO forums just because on those you get new and updated information (new posts) where SEO articles most of them are already outdated and some even contain wrong statements and suggestions well of-course you also can stumble on the same wrong information on forums but at least on those you can ask others to clarify it Smile
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That is what I thought. Many of articles about SEO are already old and the tips and tricks in them no longer work, I agree with you at SEO Forums experts are discussing and posting new content!
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Forums are great place to ask your questions related to SEO but to learn about it you should use Google official DOCs that talks about SEO and what Google wants
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I recommend a forum since on those people are discussing current SEO.
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You right about that @letsplay. Is is always changing and to stay on top of the game you need to have the right knowledge.

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