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SEO Forums Are They Still Needed?

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The internet is loaded with seo forums, forums that are dedicated to seo topics. search engine optimization is such an important factor in internet marketing that there are many good seo articles explaining what exactly you as a webmaster need to do to improve seo and rank high in the search engine I mean all the aspects of the search engine optimization are covered in those articles so my question is why do we still need to use seo forum?
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SEO articles are great but after reading them I am sure you will be left with lots of questions related to SEO so SEO Forum would be and always will be the best place to ask those questions!
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I would say that SEO Forum is the best source for reliable information regarding SEO!
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Seo forums must need because, if any one have small doubt in seo related things every time you don't go to google or any article because article deals with big problem only, so you can have a group discussion with seo knowledge people to solve your problem.
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I agree with Gamer. Some people tend to wait or rely on what Google updates. Best practice for me is to ask around about techniques that worked for them. This is done through discussions in forums such as this.
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They are needed for any time to make SEO.
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SEO forum is not part of the search engine optimization it's juts a place for folks involved in the internet marketing to discuss strategies, techniques share tips and tricks all with one thing in mind increase rankings and bring in more customers.
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Yes, These are no need for Senior members like you, But must important for Every Junior SEO members to increase their knowledge and most of the people don't check Google updates and other SEO updates on Search Engines, If check some are do not understand the new updates about SEO,
So SEO forums will help to discuss and share some information each other form different people all over the world.
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If SEO Forums are not needed then why are you using it? SEO Forum is a great way to quickly post your SEO related question and get a professional SEO advice from many SEO Experts Smile

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