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Is there a way to know how much traffic seo keyword gets, I also want to know how many times keyword seo is searched through Google search engine? I am thinking about targeting this query and I need traffic report for it!
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Go to your registered google analytics tool to check SEO keywords traffic, you can find keyword searched in google search engine at google keyword planner.
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Or you can signup for Google AdWords (it's free) and use Keyword planner tool to check keyword traffic!
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Keyword planner is actually the only tool you'll need to find out keyword traffic volume! But I can tell you right now that SEO is a very compatible keyword, just any website won't rank on the first page for this keyword so I suggest you to first increase your PageRank and only then when your site is viewed by Google as reputable site start targeting SEO keyword or maybe if you lucky in the processes Google will rank your site high for this keyword!
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Google analytic provide every thing what you want
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You can find easy on Google Analytic or Google adwords, check the keywords by selecting the area if you want.
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I usually use Google keywords tool. This will give you a rough estimate on how big the search volume is.

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