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I am so puzzled need some guideline, because I am doing seo (Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Forum posting) but there are no improvements on keywords, So please suggest me, how can I improve my keywords presence in Search engine?
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Have you tried social media sites? They can be a great way for you to increase value of your website in the most effective way.
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I had been involved in the internet marketing for quite a bit and I have noticed that social media pages specially Facebook and Twitter have great influence on website rankings.

You should start by targeting one 2 keywords tops. The math is pretty simple you have 4 keywords that require 25% of time and effort so if you have 1 keyword you dedicate 100% of time and effort. You have to narrow your website niche as you can't rank high for every keyword under the sun!

Let say I am targeting "internet Marketing forum" This means I name my social pages like that and make them super relevant to this keyword.

The most important is to use Google keyword planner and generate keyword ideas relevant to this keyword and then add them to your website home page or whatever the webpage you are working on.

Don't bother to post content at the and, bottom (below fold ) of the page as no matter how good it is it will have little effect you have to optimize your above fold header portion of the page. It has to be rich in keywords relevant to your website niche. Don't use any black hat SEO like hidden or display:none techniques.

The other thing is to use plain URL instead of anchor text as it has more effects! Some like this:

http://letsforum.com - Webmaster Forum This way it doesn't matter if the link is no-follow one cause Google seeing in as a vote even though it will not be followed.
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You can use social media optimization and pay per click advertising to improve page rank in search engines.
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you can used social media optimization. They can be a great way for you to increase value of your website.
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You can used Social Media Optimization. Do SEO Off page Activity on High PR Article submission, Blog submission, classified submission, bookmarking submission, yahoo answering, Directory submission, Rss submission, Ping submission, ppt Sharing, Image sharing, video sharing etc. and Update fresh content Daily.
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now you should use social media optimization techniques it will helpful for your business. it improves your business very rapidly and increase traffic quickly.
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SEO tips on page activity
Meta Title
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Meta Url

Off page Optimization work
Article submission
Social Bookmarking submission
Directory submission
Classified submission
Yahoo answering
Blog submission
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Article submission, guest blogging and social networking, definitely.

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