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Hi I have decided to post this thread and with your help make it into one of the best seo Guide and Strategies list ever.

So lets talk about here:

How to get on the Google first page?
How to rank higher in the search engine?
How to increase PageRank (PR)?
How to get more SERPs?
Ways to get more backlinks?
Free seo vs, paid seo?

And much more just post here whatever you think will make a positive impact on seo.
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Great idea I hope many will follow and contribute with their SEO strategies.

How to get more SERPs?

In order to increase the number of SERPs you need to add new and original content at least once a week. The more content you add the better the chance Google and other search engines will notice it and as long as it's original and well formatted it will show in the search results.

Tip. Make sure every post has its own unique and distinctive URL and Title that are optimized for search engine, also make sure you submit those URLs to Google via sitemap or "Fetch as Google" option.
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I would like to say a few word about "Free SEO vs, paid SEO". There are many different aspects of paid SEO but the only one I would really focus on if I would to spend my money on SEO is content I recommend you to spend most of your money on some good and unique content that will attract more crawlers and search engines, will bust your ratings, SERPs and the most important traffic!
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some of the basic Seo services Strategies are here
Good inbound link is a link from a relevant site with a high PR, closely related to yours.
Good inbound link has target keywords in your anchor text around the link itself.
Good inbound link points to a landing page made especially for each target keyword.
Reciprocal links and directories still work, but do not expect miracles.
Do not forget social networks.
Shipping items is irrelevant.
Do not spam.
Links Payments can be helpful or harmful also. To avoid a penalty, payments must be nofollow links.
Keep your neighborhood clean and always relevant links.

follow all these steps and finally you can see the result i am apply these all steps to increase my and after 2 month my site in ranks
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why does it take 2 month to begin seeing SEO results?
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Thanks for sharing your knowledge's it is very useful for everyone.
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(01-30-2014 05:23 PM)Edwardwilliam74 Wrote:  Thanks for sharing your knowledge's it is very useful for everyone.
Could you contribute or share some tips on this SEO topic?
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First make sure you your domain name is optimized for your niche or keywords you are targeting.

Get reliable hosting so that your web site stays online 99% of the time.

Post high quality content make sure you optimize it for search engine by including keywords you want to rank high in the search engine for.

Spread out the word about your site and get a few high PR relative to your niche backlinks through social media sites and press release.

Google this topic

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