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Do you know about latest update in seo ?
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Have a look here: http://letsforum.com/Thread-What-was-the...8#pid30018
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In the world of SEO, we have to be ready to pivot fast.

A single tweak to an algorithm can destroy everything we’ve built and force us to readapt quickly.

These changes happen on an almost daily basis. It’s part of what makes the field dynamic.

You might know this all too well; you might still be struggling with some leftover rank decline from past algorithms.

I’ve seen some websites that have yet to recover from the damage of early Panda rollouts. Is that the case for your site?

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive strategy that should help you with current and future algorithm changes. I will carefully explain the last four big algorithm updates from Google and lay out a strategy for dealing with the damage.

I will limit myself to Google algorithm updates from 2015.

In each section, I will explain three things:

What the Algorithm Means — What was the purpose of the algorithm? I’ll explain why Google decided to roll it out.
What the Algorithm Did — What impact did it have? I’ll explain how the new algorithm affected websites.
How to Repair the Damage — How do you recover from rank loss? I’ll explain how your site can regain lost rank and traffic.
If you have experienced ranking declines from any new algorithms, I encourage you to repair them as soon as possible.
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Latest SEO updates are updates in Google Keyword Planner and Google Penguin 4.0.
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(11-10-2016 01:52 PM)mahwishfatima Wrote:  Latest SEO updates are updates in Google Keyword Planner and Google Penguin 4.0.

Thank you for your update
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These are the google updates for the current scenario.

Mobile-friendly 2 — May 12, 2016

Unnamed Major Update — May 10, 2016

AdWords Shake-up — February 23, 2016

Unnamed Update — January 8, 2016
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The latest update of google algorithm is penguin 4.0.
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Penguin now happens real-time!
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In the latest update Google said that while Panda is a site-wide action, it might not affect all pages within a site the same way. Some pages might suffer more than others.
This simply means with in a website one particular page may hit by panda and the ranking for that particular page would be affected.
for complete understanding to this update you can visit Moz, search engine land or any other website you prefer to read.

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