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SEO - What is it and How to use it?

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Hey, guys I am Victor and today we're going to talk about seo: ways that you can improve your search engine rankings.

Let's start off by asking this question. What is seo? Well, the power behind the Internet is fuelled by search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo. These search engines use highly advanced formulas, formulas that determine what gets seen in the search results and, more importantly, formulas that determine where the search results get placed. These formulas are called algorithms. You've probably heard that term before, but algorithms determine the overall ranking of your site. Rankings are determined based on several highly relevant, key factors. Getting these factors to work together successfully is known as search engine optimization or seo. Let's go back and talk about the key factors in seo. We have titles, words, words used in links, site reputation, and links between sites. Now, we'll go over each one of these one at a time.

Let's talk about titles first. Titles are searched for and looked at by Google, Bing, Yahoo, but this is all part of the algorithm that tells the search engines where to find the title, but it also tells them where to put the title in the search results.

The next factor we're going to discuss is words. Words are another important element that the search engines reference to determine how relevant a post is relative to where it's placed in the search results, algorithm not only looks at titles, it's also actually looking at words in the actual posts themselves. That becomes another factor in relevancy for determining site placement.

Another factor that we want to talk about is words used in links. These are beacons for the search engines to notice that there's a redirect to another page. Properly used links can add considerable weight to a page and help in search engine result placement.

Another factor, site reputation. What do I mean by site reputation? Well, it's determined by factors such as quality of content and consistency of adding fresh content. Adding fresh content to a site or channel consistently will help the search engines recognize that the site is worthy of a higher search result ranking.

Lastly, we're going to talk about links between sites. Links between sites, otherwise known as backlinks, are critical in determining site rankings for the search engines. High quality backlinks from high-ranking sites are the most desired type of link to add much needed relevance to your site or channel. Links from YouTube, Digg, EzineArticles, Twitter, Facebook, et cetera, all coming back to your site are highly relevant. A little more about backlinks: you know, many people attempt to fool the search engine by purchasing backlinks and then linking them directly to their keywords, in many cases way too many times. The problem is that a lot of these links can come from worthless, non-ranking, nonexistent sites, and this throws up a red flag to the search engines. Many times, using poor quality backlinks is going to penalize you in the search results, yet you've done the same amount of work that you would have done had you gone out and found high quality backlinks. Let's talk a moment about high quality backlinks. To be found in the search engines in this day and age, you've got to follow the guidelines laid out here. But in addition to that, you must have a way to ensure getting high quality backlinks. You must know for sure that your backlinks are not going to harm your ranking. And you also must use a system that is penguin and panda proof.

Thanks and Good Luck!
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Thanks Victor for another great article I love your posts keep it going bro.

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