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SEO and free hosting?

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What Google thinks about websites hosted on free website hosting? Do they even have a chance of high rankings getting on first page top 10 search results?
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Bad idea simply cause free hosting is associated with SPAM and Google is very against that. I don't think a website hosted on such a hosting will ever rank high in Google neither have a high PR. It's hard to do it on shared hosting let alone on free Smile
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I agree with @Marcus comment! Google checks for the website speed alone, It don't want to know whether it was hosted in shared/dedicated/free...

To increase the website speed, Webmasters says to avoid shared hosting.
Free hosting IP are mostly SPAM, Google considers as SPAM websites when it is hosted on Spam IP Smile

Google cannot rank you high even you hosted on high speed dedicated servers, The website should meet the other webmaster quality requirements.
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It all comes down to IP address. You can have VPS or Dedicated hosting for that matter but if your IP address is dirty then it will be reflected on your SEO.

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