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SEO forum script?

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I am thinking about adding forum to my site but I am wondering if choosing forum script somehow affects seo?
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Are you interesting in paid or open source script?

Paid -> vBulletin
Free -> MyBB

They are both great software and had been made to be user and search engine friendly however the main concern of any forum script developer is to make it save and fast SEO is up to the user,
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Of Course, Adding a forum somehow affects your SEO campaigns.
  • Adding forum to your website sure reduce your bounce rate.
  • Maintaining forums from SPAM, Updating, commenting, reviews, suggestions,...etc - Time consuming tasks.
vBulletin provides high security than MyBB - Most of the High Moderated forums uses vBulletin - Inbuilt with customizable features.
SMF/Mybb is a free source & it is fantastic software.

My choice is vbulletin.
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MYBB is also pretty secure script! I am a member of MYBB community and you can't imagine how many are withing from vbulletin to MYBB.

MYBB supports plugins and is very light script unlike others. I respect anyone's opinion. The reason why "High Moderated forums use" them is simple. If they have money to spend on the script the have money to spend on the marketing and get on top search results fast making them popular. MYBB is a free script can be lunched by anyone with limited resources.
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vBulletin (vB) - Initial release 2000
MyBB, originally MyBulletinBoard - Initial release 2002

There is 2 years of difference between then. At the beginning it was noticeable but now MYBB had released 1.6.15 which is the most stable ever.

vBulletin had also made its own release 5.1.0 which should be pretty secure too.

This usually has very little effect since webmasters are responsible for SEO.
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Its good !

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