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SEO is Needed or Not?

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I just want to promote my website over the online. if there is any way to proceed my work other than seo.
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You know about Adwords OK let say we are competing for the same keyword, (many think that if you make high bid you will win the auction and your ads will show on top of search results) your bid is much higher than mine so you think you won, however my website has relevant content and is well optimized yours in the other hand is not relevant and has many SEO issues. To determine the winner Google actually will send a crawler and check our sites and will make me a winner since my website is SEO friendly and is relevant.

Conclusion! Google doesn't care about earning money these days but rather cares about SEO and good quality content that is why it keeps releasing new updates!
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Okay Thanks.
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Without at least minimum SEO the website will have 0 chances of getting high rankings and traffic. SEO doesn't create miracles (well sometimes) but if you do SEO the site will have pretty good chance of one day ranking on Google first page.
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@marcus_avrelius, Thanks, i completely agree with you.

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