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SMO Strategy

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I have a website and want to do SMO, Can anyone tell the strategy and Steps of SMO ...?
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The very first thing you need to do is to create some good profile on social networking sites.
Next thing is to add groups/communities related to your business.
Now it is time to add come great content to keep your customers engaging and keep coming back to your social pages.
josephinek Offline referral

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They are,
>Social Media platforms
>Social Media optimization
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step 1- create profile on social networking sites
step 2- add groups and community related of your business
step 3- add good, unique and attractive content
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Social media strategies are
generate publicity,
using social media websites,
to drive traffic to your website
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SMO stands for social media optimization that means you need to create a facebook profile page and try to promote your products over there Quality content
Connect with face-book
Know your top keywords
Optimize your social media profiles
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Thank You so much for sharing the information and giving me suggestion.
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make u r blog more popular in all smo accounts it should have more no of visits and publicity in smo engines,
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Use OnlyWire an Automated Social Bookmarking https://onlywire.com/ to increase authority on social media sites!
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Social Media are the Good way Promote Business. Google Plus is best way Promote the business.
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you must create profile and group
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SMO is basically done for website promotion. It helps to promote a website in different social media websites to get the people attrated towards it easily. Without optimizing a website as per social media no one can present their business features easily. By posting on social media sites that too attractively can help the online businesses to engage their targeted audience easily. It's powerful technique to generate huge traffic towards a website instantly.
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You must also concentrate on your content posting to increase your volume of interesting readers around the world or at least with in your geographical location if you want to set so and don't forget to take full advantage of the hashtags.
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SMO stand for social media optimization
SMO used to social media marketing your site.
you can fresh and quality content in your site.
You can promotion video for your site.
SMO is type of search engine optimization.
SMO is most useful for branding and ranking your site.
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SMO Social Media Optimization. we can post on social media optimization. you can get the traffic on your website.

Social Media Optimization is also helpful to improove social media marketing your site. smo is basically optimize your website promotion.
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Social Media Optimization is used for driving traffic and create brand awareness on different popular social media platforms. Create profiles on different social media sites, add a different group on social media sites and post relevant and informative content to create brand awareness.
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If you have social media account already make sure that it is connected on your site.
For example, if you are using wordpress on your site there is a plugin that will help you set up your blog on how data will be shown on social media the time you share your link on it, I mean with regards to title, description and setting up picture.
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It is a process where SMO will make your content easily searchable in social networking sites.
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There are so many steps to do SMO.

You have to create account on Social media and post articles or post relevant to your product on Social media account and you can tell the another persons about your product.
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1. Create a social media style guide.
2. Pick a platform.
3. Assign responsibilities.
4. Create social media formulas.

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