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Safe way to buy products and things in the internet?

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The internet is great marketplace where you have all kinds of offers and you can buy stuff really cheap! Now most of those buys/transactions are made using credit card now I am not feeling comfortable giving somebody my credit card number what are the alternatives?

What is the best way to buy online yet avoid problems and be safe?
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to buy product u should buy from amazon,ebay
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You should have a separate credit card only for online purchases some like "virtual credit card". Now every time you wanna buy some in the internet just add enough funds to make that purchase no more. This way if someone sells your credit card they won't be able to use it!
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what ever you buy in online first look re seller(retailers) review in internet.
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Write to the seller, ask for more information about the product. If you buy in the store, be sure to look for reviews about the store and product on forums.
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Online shopping can be safe, you can even choose cash on delivery if you are onot comfortable giving out your cc information.

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