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Here is another tutorial about how to improve search optimization and page rank to get on the Google first page! For this trick to work you need to have Google webmaster tools account.

Go to your Google webmaster tools account and once in click on search queries, then click on filter, a window will pop-up saying: Search, Location, Traffic, click on Location and from the list pick the country you are targeting or want to target and then click apply.

The list of queries for that country will show! Now here is where the trick begins! Find a keyword you want to rank high for and click on it. This will show you which webpage is linked to that keyword.

So if you want to increase the ranking for that keyword you need to get back links to the webpage that is linked to that keyword. Try to get as many back links to that webpage as you can, periodically check the impressions for that keyword, and in very short time you will see impressions go up and up and eventually reaching #1 page position.

We all try so hard to increase our website page rank and do better on Google search that we miss this simple but very effective option that Google webmaster tools has. So Good Luck every body and happy Search Optimization.
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Hi Maya that is a very helpful tutorial. I don't know much about search engine optimization but your tutorial makes sense. I will definitely try it!
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You are right!! But the fact is you can't do it for all the pages since it shows all the keywords which are not having any clicks. My suggestion is to focus on keywords which are having clicks.
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Right daukaads..
Its depend on verious factors
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Nice Share keep it up.
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Very helpful!
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Thanks for sharing the information and Keep sharing the information.
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Work on high authorities sites and get backlinks through these websites.
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Vey well writen, Thank you for sharing this helpful information with us.

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