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Shorten urls and earn money?

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Guys stumbled upon this new way to make money "Shorten urls and earn money" I need someone to tell me how is it possible to make money by sharing links or URL? Is this referring to my domain name or I will get paid by shortening somebodies URLs I have no idea? Also what about earnings are they resonantly just tell me everything you can about this way of making money?
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It easy to earn money with short URLs. First you need to find best URL shorteners one of the best is adf.ly You can choose between make money by sharing advertisement or short URLs.

The URL shortener service works this way. You take any link you wish and use URL shortener service to create a short version of that link then you share that short link all over the internet, and every time someone clicks on that link they first land on a landing page with some advertisements and then they get redirected to the web page itself!
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Thanks Dude. Do you know how much do I get paid for the click or what is the CPC (cost-per-click)?
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i have a software that allows me to do the same thing. shortne urls and it includes the ad short-ners

i never saw anything significant about it though. too focused on simple youtube.

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