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Should I buy Facebook likes?

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I have a Facebook business page and I need it to get noticed means it needs to get a ton of likes is it the best way to get fast likes by paying for them?
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A like is only good if the user that liked your page has a ton of friends and followers so that each time he or she likes some on Facebook all that crowd will get notified.

Paid likes bad as you don't get the same exposure which is the key to social media marketing!
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like is good when it comes from a original user.A user always like your page when a page have good contents or meaningful links.

There are some reason why shouldn't buy facebook likes:
Causes you to turn away from real Likes
Low Engagement with the real users
Purchased Likes won’t become your customers.
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A genuine original facebook like is more good, rather than bought like. It always shows that your page has quality content and useful links.
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Don't buy like’s means paid likes are bad so please never try this. Unpaid or real likes increases traffic and sales to your web page.
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Yes, you can if you want quick rsults. As you know people tend to like that page more often which have more like . Buy them from sites like SEOClerks and Fiverr.
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Yes, You can buy likes if you want quick result...and you can also try some sites where you will get likes..for eg...like4like..
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If likes are come without paying then it is useful.paid likes are not much useful so always try to post useful information, people will definitely read this and like this post.

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