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Should I link my multiple domains?

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Lets say I have 10 domains should I link them with the purpose of improving seo?
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If all your domain names are relevant then YES you could the otherwise no!

However you can use your high ranking and high PR domains to link to your other not so lucky sites.
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If you follow White-Hat: @SureNot is right! Increasing the count of relevant, High PR, Domain authority and high metric website back-links helps improving search results. No matter whether it is yours or others!

If you need an instant result: You can add hundreds of blogs/Footer links/Image link/text links that pointing to your website (Short term results - Sure you will get HIT by Google not so soon).
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If your have them all in the same webmaster tools account then I wouldn't as Google ain't dumb Smile
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OK that is pretty clear thanks. SEO is a tricky thing Wink
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Its a tricky thing to do, I consider as a black hat campaign, but if you would like to do it then please avoid keyword stuffing.

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