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Should discussion forums allow users to edit their posts?

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destroyer Offline referral

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Many forums don't allow users to edit neither threads nor replies. If this is my post I should have at least permission to edit and even delete it if I decide so.

What do you think about it.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
We all make grammar mistakes when writing or typing so the user has to be able to edit post for an X amount of time to correct errors or to update some info, after that user should not be allowed to edit posts as it will make it impossible for moderators to keep the forum free of spam. If you allow users to freely edit their posts whenever they decide then after the post is moderated the user will edit it and turn it into spam post.

Not all users are cool most of them are juts spammers.
destroyer Offline referral

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Yeah you right Marcus. I run a small discussion forum and I get a ton of spammers. How about delete post function? Do you think users have to be able to delete their posts?
Tbo29 Offline referral

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On my forum the members can edit their post for 30 minutes but they're not allowed to delete. Sometimes people say things they shouldn't say, then when they could delete their post they think it's all ok.

As an Admin until now I only had to delete some spammers. If someone needs to close his thread he/she could always write to a Mod.
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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Forums also do care about SEO and if you start deleting and modifying content this will make Google angry.

Google this topic

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