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Should every page of my site have a meta description?

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Lets say my website has 20 web pages the question is should every of those pages have a meta tag description or only the home one?
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Meta Description - Not Specified: Google automatically set the Meta description as per the search query according to the content in the page.
If Meta Description Specified: It must be unique as possible/(search engine/user)/friendly descriptive comment as Meta description.

Meta Description and Meta keywords are not a mandatory fields (If the page content speaks).
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Meta description tags, while not important to search engine rankings, are extremely important in gaining user click-through from SERPs

For your user you must write caching descriptions.
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Ideally yes. It is better to have a meta description and meta keyword for all your main pages because when Google visits your site and happens to see no meta tags it will simply copy paste the content of your page onto description and when it shows up in search results it may be broken into parts and incomplete sentence. Hence, the user will get an exact idea as to what the site is about.
I would recommend using it.
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Google at least nowadays uses less and less meta tag description instead it uses content.

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