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Should the government provide health care?

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ivan Offline referral

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A million dollar question guys should the government provide free or at least affordable health care?
maya Offline referral

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Are you talking about U.S health care?
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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U.S. health care should free just as in the rest of the world! Come-on most of the third countries have free health care U.S. has to stop think about war and start think about more about its people!
crawford Offline referral

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Yes, I don't think USA gonna health care facility avail free
Mehakh Offline referral

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Ofcourse, the government should provide reasonable health care for everyone. Also, there are many diseases which should have better facilities to operate on. One such disease is Piles. One hospital has great facilities i.e. Vedamrut Hospital. For details visit their site.
marka3441 Offline referral

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Govt. should make it a part of Tax payers
Proxyhotdeals Offline referral

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Yes in our country Our President now is sign for zero bill in hospital

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