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Should webmasters focus entirelly on rankings?

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Should we "webmasters" focus our attention on rankings or there is something I miss that is more important than that?
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Of-course YES the otherwise that is the point of doing SEO spend money and time.
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Webmasters should take more interest in improving user experience, ranking is just a by product.
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Focus of a Webmaster is not just ranking a website (Of Course it is not a easy thing today!) But Webmaster task were diversified into many things.

1. Webmaster ensures that the website is USER-FRIENDLY
2. Webmaster otherwise called website developers/site administrators/website content developers/web architects.
3. Content creation - He/She must involve in the functionality of the web-site design flow
4. Webmaster should have a dynamic mentality (capturing the current strategies), such that it can be useful to the website owner to stay int the current & future market.
5. If you're a webmaster - You're the one responsible person for a website to failure/success.

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