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Simple Captchas with PHP?

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I would like to know how captchas are generated with PHP could someone post here a simple captcha generated PHP script?
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Here is a pretty basic PHP captcha script:

Captcha class:
PHP Code:
$captcha = new SimpleCaptcha();
// Change configuration...
//$captcha->wordsFile = null;           // Disable dictionary words
//$captcha->wordsFile = 'words/es.txt'; // Enable spanish words
//$captcha->session_var = 'secretword'; // Change session variable

Validate captcha:
PHP Code:
if (empty($_SESSION['captcha']) || strtolower(trim($_REQUEST['captcha'])) != $_SESSION['captcha']) {
"Invalid captcha";

You can download full captcha generating script here: https://code.google.com/p/cool-php-captcha/
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