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Snooker rules

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How to play snooker what are the snooker rules?
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Rules of snooker are very simple, you have 15 red balls worth one point each and you have six balls of different colors, yellow worth 2 points, green worth 3 points, brown worth 4 points, blue worth 5 points, pink worth 6 points and black worth 7 points. In snooker you have to pot first red then one of the color balls. To wind the game (frame) a player has to score more points than the opponent.
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My question is how do you score 147 point in snooker?
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You have to pot all 15 red balls in this sequence:
1 red ball then 1 back ball after you post all 15 red balls you have to post yellow, green, brown, (4), blue, pink and black. This will result in maximum 147 points break.

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