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Snooker tips and tricks

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Do you play snooker? Want to learn how to play snooker then feel free to post your snooker tips, tricks and questions here!
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I don't play snooker but I do play pool and my advice it to work on your stroke, because if your stroke sucks you will never play good
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I would say practice, the more you practice the the better you'll get
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These tips are useful for the snooker lovers.
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To play snooker or pool you need to practice a lot you need to train you brain to recognize angles, do you know how hard snooker players practice... a lot!
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It's impossible with text to tell how to play better snooker you have to either go to YouTube and watch tutorials or buy Snooker Coaching DVD!
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To learn how to play snooker or pool you need to hire some good coach. You need to learn basics of snooker if you want to advanced feather. This game is based on many aiming systems so you have to start by learning one or develop your own one. Fractional aiming system is the primary in snooker.

By your a second had or if you can afford it new table and practice one shot at the time until you feel comfortable with playing it. There is an infinite among of potting angles but you need to learn to recognize and master only:

Straight-in shot
A quarter ball
Half ball
3 quarter ball

Good luck.
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I don't play snooker but I do play pool and my advice it to work on your action, because if your action absorbs you will never perform good.
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This game is based on many seeking techniques so you have to start by studying one or create your own one. Fractional seeking system is the main in snooker.
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I usually do not play snoocer. I play badminton.

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