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Social media buttons - slow page load?

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Hi guys my website load time was always under or just about 1 sec, however after I added Facebook like button to my website my site load time has increase at least 1 more second.
I initially wanted to add Facebook, Twitter and Google plus buttons but after seeing what only one social media button does to my website load time I don't know what to do?
Can you tell me how to add social media buttons to my website without sacrificing website load time?
victor Offline referral

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Check maybe you are using an old Facebook like button code. Also If you are using IFRAME code try HTML5 it should load faster
chod Offline referral

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(08-15-2013 12:01 PM)ivan Wrote:  Hi guys my website load time was always under or just about 1 sec, however after I added Facebook like button to my website my site load tim...
You dont say what type of site it is. You do not post the code you are using, you do not state if you have even read the Facebook DOCs in relation to posting social buttons of theirs on your site. You do not state where in your code you even put this magical button.

Seriously man, you have to help us help you answer your questions. Give us details and information to use to actually help you. Us guessing will never get you any place, nor will it teach you anything
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Agree! You need to post more details.
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Social media buttons, particularly formal ones and ones that display sharing counts, will add a lot to a webpage running time unless they are loaded asynchronously. An easy way to reduce website running by social press icons is to just use backlinks or basic image hyperlinks.
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Too many websites post up buttons for social networks they don’t really use. If you’re not on Pinterest, why bother having a Pinterest button displayed on every page on your site? You can just use one of those “pin this image” scripts and be done with it. If you don’t produce videos, for the love of god don’t include a YouTube subscribe button. It’s simple common sense.
smithwigglesworth Offline referral

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I think your are using old social media button code which is not support the latest language. Try new code
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Thanks for sharing this info.
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Yes it can

Google this topic

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