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Social media optimization (SMO) tips

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I have my Google+, Twitter and Facebook but it doesn't seem to improve my rating neither traffic could you please share some social media optimization (SMO) tips and tricks that will help me to this thing around?
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For Facebook optimization make sure you choose username rich in keywords you are targeting, apply the same to description, also make sure your Facebook page privacy is set to public.
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Different types of SMO tips Link to Other Social Media Profiles, Branded Cover Photos and Background Images, Fill out Every Profile Field,Link to Your Main Website, Uniformity in Profile Descriptions, Fill out Every Profile Field, Create an email list, Don’t fire your social media posts and forget about it.
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Here we have some essential tips for SMO:-
5.Optimize For Keywords
7.Watch Behavior of Visitor
8.Share Everything
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(10-21-2013 06:41 PM)ivan Wrote:  I have my Google+, Twitter and Facebook but it doesn't seem to improve my rating neither traffic could you please share some social media op...

The question is how do you promote your site? I mean, what's your strategy?
I suggest that you should have different strategies in order to experiment on it and see which works best for you.
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social media good way promote the Business. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus is best social Networking site.

Update the Social Profile
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post aids online
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You can improve traffic by constantly posting engaging content/s on your social media accounts. According to studies and polls, there are times during the day where there's heavy traffic on different social media platforms. For example, people tend to check on their Facebook account during 8:00 in the morning and 12 noon during their lunch time. Try to post content during these times and see if it'll increase traffic on your social media accounts.
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Have a strategic plan to start with.
Integrate each social media platforms
Update the Daily Social Profile.
Update the Fresh content
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Social Media is best way increase Traffic ranking of website. Every opportunity you have to syndicate your content and increase your visibility is valuable. Your social media networks are just new channels for your brand’s voice and content. Google Plus and Facebook is Top Social Networking site.
Increased Brand Recognition
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You need to a big network on these social sites to get maximum benefit. If you have good following and big network on these social sites, you are surely gonna get lots of traffic from these sites.
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Do regular posting on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ on daily basis . It will surely increase your traffic and searches also. Manage all these links by online tool ViduPM.
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Just like what the other users here said post an engaging content that will trigger facebook users to participate on the said topic. Do not forget to socialize so that they can see that you're not just there to promote your product or service.
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Posting regularly is essential and that to high quality content as it will help you build a loyal audience.
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Social media optimization is best traffic ranking of website.
You can daily quality unique content.
Create you account in social media site.
Upload your image and video in social media site.
Create quality back links.

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