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Social media share buttons?

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Where can I get all social media share buttons? I don't want to use separate button from each social media network I am looking of for a bar or something that will contain all share buttons.
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Try "Share buttons | AddThis"
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If you have WordPress try "social media plugin"
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Adding social icon bar to all your website pages is an important things a website owner must do. Try this plug-in called ADD TO MANY. Just google search it
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I would love to have them but they cause many issues and that reflects on my SEO?

Like increase load time, also third party JavaScript is not very good for leverage browser caching.
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For social media sharing button you can Mozilla Extension "ADD THIS" other wise you can also you shareaholic
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Adding share buttons to your website is obviously a great way to increase traffic, Simple Share Buttons Plus adds built-in tracking to your “WordPress” dashboard, allowing you to track every share button clicking to browser.
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If you are a WordPress user then you can find plenty of plugins for adding such kind of social sharing plugins. Just conduct a Google search and definitely you will get number of desired results, choose the one that looks more appropriate to you.
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Lead in Google: Share Buttons | AddThis

Google this topic

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