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Sony confirms that the PlayStation 4 won't play PS3 games

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Bad news Gamers! Sony just announced that the new PlayStation 4 won't play PS3 games, so all the PlayStation 3 games you've been accumulating over the passed few years will be pretty much stuck on the older console.

But, Sony did say it is looking for ways to eventually bring PS3 support to the PS4
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Wow that is pretty surprising, I think users should complain loud. Not allowing the system to play one version behinds games is a joke, and then saying they are "trying" should show how little Sony cares about what you have invested into their company. I mean if they said you can't play PS1 games or something like that, it would make sense but not just the previous console version. Sony's revenue's must be down and they are trying to force you to repurchase more #@$%!!! that is unneeded. I do not really get the stance they are taking on this.

Either way that is a bad PR move for Sony, watch Xbox will make a press release saying they can play the previous version soon. I could be wrong but they should use this to pull more PS users away from their ecosystem.
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Bad thing for gamers, if you are a game lover like me then you disagree this statement.

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