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Starting my own Social networks?

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Social media sites are very popular and get a ton of traffic and make lots of money so my question how to start a new social media network, how to make it popular and start making money fast from it?
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Well starting a social network is the same as starting a new website! Pretty much you have to first register domain name that is SEO friendly, design and build the website, lunch it and then start working on getting traffic to it. There are just too many social networks out there the competition is brutal but hey maybe you're lucky Smile
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Well if you are determine to start your own social media site then you can give it a shot but I can tell you it's not gonna be easy. Do the same as Facebook did first target your neighborhood, school or the area where you live once you get popular start targeting your country and eventually the entire world.
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Thanks for the advice guys
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If you want start social network you need to research on google and you can get better idea.
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Do SMO, go participate in some groups that's how it usually start from then you can create your page or group. It is easier to drive traffic on your website if you will do this.
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Crete a #Facebook fun page and then use their advertising to #getlikes, #gettraffic and simply spread out the word about your new #socialmedia network.

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